Welcome to Travel Journal

A travel journal is not just about traveling to new places, exploring them and then forgetting about it all. It is more about recording the memories of all the visited places, the deep history, the beautiful nature, the astonishing architectures, the diversity of cultures and much more. What other way could be more appropriate to record all these things in one place than a travel journal? This is the journal that every traveller would always wish for. It’s everything that a traveler wants in one place and lets them keep the memories they collect from all the different corners of the world.

Why use a Travelogue travel journal from Luckies?

However, a travelogue isn’t something that intrigues too many of the modern travelers and so the idea begged for some change, modification, improvement and addition of some new stuff. This is when the responsibility was taken by Luckies to make a travelogue journal that would be interesting, fascinating and something to get your hands on. The travelers will fall in love with it because it adds so much value in their traveling and journeys and allows them to keep a record of everything in the most fascinating and interesting way that is possible while still on the go

What makes the travel journal so special?

So what’s so special about this particular journal from Luckies? Let’s look at some of the things that make this particular travelogue journal such a dear thing for travelers to have. First of all, it contains the maps of all continents and these maps are not the ordinary maps. These are scratch maps that make exploring and discovering even more motivating than they actually are. As you continue to visit different regions you keep scratching them off from your map and the regions with their names will keep revealing from underneath. This will keep you motivated to scratch the entire map off and visit all the places you can with your available means.

Ease to handle, the perfect travel companion

A card envelope holds all of these maps in it so you can easily carry all of them in your backpack. In addition to the scratch maps you have a journal inside to record all your experiences in words. So as you scratch the regions on the scratch maps you can note down the dates when you visited those places and also the best things you found there. Now, this is what you call a traveling journal that you can talk about when sitting among your friends, family and office colleagues – definitely something to boast.

Travel Journal

Now, you don’t have to keep visiting the nearby gift shops and online stores for a gift for your traveling friend because you will not be able to find something as fascinating, interesting and interactive as this travel journal. Buy it right now and have it gift-wrapped for your friend and you will see that your friend will not be happy for any other gift than this because this actually is a personalized gift for any traveler. You can always make this gift even more amazing by adding a bigger scratch map of the continent or country your friend is about to visit next.